Day Ten — NaPoWriMo

Hello, everyone. Today we are one-third of the way through Na/GloPoWriMo! Our featured participant for the day is method two madness, where the small-and-large poem for Day 9 plays with repetition . . . and birds! Today’s craft resource is this fascinating article that details the writing and revision process for a poem by former…

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One Day to Go (And An Early-Bird Prompt) — NaPoWriMo

Happy Na/GloPoWriMo Eve, everyone! I hope you have brought the traditional accoutrements of the holiday, including sharpened pencils, new notebooks, freshly opened Word documents, and a readiness to versify. 286 more words

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In the garden is a weather vane…

Well…I say a weather vane

There is a child’s toy windmill on a stick – you know the sort?

Once a bright red and gold, now faded to smoother, subtle hues.


Some days it whirs majestically, others it is still.

Some days it judders and jerks entirely dependant on the winds that blow.  On their kindness or ferocity…

Other days it just stands serenely, surveying all around it, the ever changing seasons and the inclimate weathers.

Buffeted by storms, or isolated in peace. Neither one nor the other.

This ‘weather vane’ invariably represents my Life.