There is ‘some’ after all…Part Two! Thank you to the Anglo Saxon King…


Well – I did it ! 

I finally completed the second interview stage today and received a random email late tonight from the recruiter cc me in to the University Academic Manager telling him I had done very well and to make me an offer I cannot refuse! Then silence…given the time difference of 8 hours I am going to think positively and aim to wake up to that offer!

I also did it!

I wrote my cinema review on the strange wonderfulness that is The Favourite – see reblog below –  and placated my book reviewer editor that my overdue book review will be in this weekend. He was mercifully accommodating. I am pouring over the book of short stories, enthralled by each one and the sensitivity that they are written with, but that will be shown in my final review which I have decided to share here once…

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