Anxiety vs Adventures anew

Its absolutely teeming down outside

Not a word I have heard in years! The wind is literally howling up from the harbour far down below where my cottage stands, aloof on the hillside. Eeerily I think of Irish banshees, calling, mourning, grieving for their lost.

There are clouds scudding across the sky and it feels so angry. Or is that just me?

Hence I stay home, 3 days now, cocooned in my bubble and next to my open fire, piling on more wood with each passing hour.

Building word upon word, with each new thought.

Its been a tough two weeks and I have no idea why – what triggered or sustained it to be so. Yet I do know I got through it. Again.

And here I appear to be – out the other side.

Yet still it rains.

Like a persistent drone in my ear, an unending melancholy song.


Time to stream something else. I need fun.




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