BUNgle Daily Word Prompt:bun

To those of us of a certain age in the UK the immediate association with this could well be an affable if slightly wierd orange bear with his sidekick Zippy and most irritating presenter JEFF- Freeeeeeeeee.  The kids programme Rainbow has some serious explaining to do not least of which is some of the videos exploring use of double entendre language and explicit word PUNS

Bungle – and the programme itself –  was clearly bungled!

I was, however, thinking more of my own bungles lol

MMM where to begin x

Bungled marriage

Bungled relationships

Bungled parenting

Bungled house purchase

Need I go on….

Well….I had a visitor to my island home on Thursday.

He stayed until today – then snuck off silently in the early hours without even a goodbye or a thanks for hosting him! Charming!

Or did I BUNgle that up – again…

But you know something? I am just as happy – if not more – ensconced on my comfortable sofa, chilling out, writing, takeaway and wine on its way, dog curled up at my feet!

Plans for Easter lunch out and a walk on the beach scuppered. My luck – by design – is that I can go to the beach anytime. His loss.

My realisation that he does this occasionally does not condone his utter rudeness.

I had told myself if things went wrong again this time it will be the last time I bother.

My recognition that I  am simply just happy alone – in a world of my creation – my choices – away from energy drainers or cantankerous !”#@holes who never see joy – in My Island Haven.

Going out into the world constantly since his arrival – all pub based – and some not very salubrious – has drained me. Once a consistent socialite I have definitely left all that behind me. A nice meal and wine in a good restaurant, a show or live music – great! But just sitting for hours in a grubby bar listening to utter drivel around you grates on me now. Cannot quite believe that was my lifestyle way back when.  There was also more fighting in the bar than on the screen last night – having gone to catch the Parker boxing.

No thanks.


Does anyone else exist mostly in their bubble? At least its conducive to more work on my never ending novel! A busy week has left me little time to indulge and as I have stated here before I feel kind of lost and disconnected if I dont write for more than a few days.

With mother and then my best friend and now this guy the cottage has had its fill of visitors from the mainland.

Who cares if I spend up to ten days alone , punctuated by door sellers or a quick chat with the neighbours. ( Even that I admit to avoiding if possible!) I go to the events I want to – things I feel worthwhile. Writers Fayre, Book Club, coffee meet ups with useful and talented individuals who are also FUN – live music when it appeals, long walks on the beach or down through the local woods. People watching while I write. Sometimes  I socialise, often meeting total strangers, sharing lives and knowing I will never see them again. All good input for writing.

I am still exploring the island even two years on – in fact it is two years this weekend! Between the tutorials I give I get to vist lovely new places all the time when travelling to new student homes. Some are on the mainland so that can liven a dull week. crab-hermit-macro-sand-38626.jpeg

I know I have changed immensely here – I can feel it. I don’t like that girl who was out drinking heavily the last few days. Wasting her time off. Or the way she feels today because of it. Had he stayed it would have been more of the same.

So, shocked as I am at his lack of decent human courtesy – I will live with it.

In all honesty the Hermit in me is quite relieved!

I would go so far to say that HE has BUNGLED this one up!



5 thoughts on “BUNgle Daily Word Prompt:bun

  1. You know, it is okay to let go of toxic individuals out of your life. People change only when they want to – and they rarely will for others. Also, you have every right to choose 100% the life that gives you soul food and peace of mind.

    • Thank you I know and I have now done so over the past 3 years x I now live in a place I call My Haven and feed my soul daily. I am at peace. The thoughts still stride in unbidden, but only occasionally hence the extract I wrote. Love & Light to you

      • 🙂 We need to remind each other that it’s okay to let go of toxic people. I have to say, recently someone who habitually tries baiting me into one of those sessions was beginning to bait again… and I ju-jitsued the person by complimenting her on how she was right, and how she got it, and then completely moving the conversation onto a different track. I’m pretty proud of myself for that! 😀

      • Well done – no exactly what you mean! energy depleters! x takes a lot to rise above it and hopefully you do not have to spend too much time with said person.

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