Retrospective 101! Leftover Sandwiches ! ( note that is plural) :-) – therefore possibly a pure Feast?


I promised myself this will not be one of those sorry I have not blogged as much as I would have liked – sorry I haven’t posted all the daily 101 prompts – sorry but….because…despite….instead of…..ya di ya di ya !!  posts 🙂

Just as I promised myself – and you all. to a lesser degree perhaps – that I would endeavour to do all of the above throughout November.

While November got off to a flying start – if promoted and displayed in chunks of somewhat frenetic activity – it and I slowed to a leisurely stroll and finally a halt!  Yet the insistent ping of my daily emails still exposed me to each prompt/idea/nugget of advice and in some cases prompted half written drafts and much debate over which of my many photographs zealously stored on my tablet from many solitary sojourns to share with a waiting blogisphere.  Yet as much as I wavered, waylaid, off on a tangent, inappropriated elsewhere, my soul was still as much involved on my self designated yet all too easily abandoned project. I thought about the topics daily, some inspired me greatly, some not so deeply – and I hankered for more time, more inclination, more self discipline….more, more, more, please sir, can I have some more sir……!!!

In retrospect and reflection, as December tumbled unexpectedly down upon us, I realise despite a penchant for non publication of my musings I had learnt a great deal from my own personal experience of blogging this month – albeit shortlived in its essence. More than a few later prompts highlighted this for me – I had been intrigued and thus inspired by The Rains Had Finally Come and although my own ‘dry wells’ at that point were still not yet to resurge I was still contemplating on the very essence of blogging and its world. The very reminder that we are all unique, that the writing process is unique, that we all create – and deliver- at totally different rates and noone can forsee the drought or the sudden rainfall was re-inspiration in itself.  When Blogging Inspiring Bloggers also spurred me on to explore further and find even more unique,equally talented bloggers than I did in week one – before my self inflicted dry spell-  I then knew I had finally got some kind of handle on this business!

So what have I learned?

Lots of tips on bringing the blog alive and realising I am in urgent need of advice on formatting my page far better especially thematically. Ideas on using different voices or styles and fresh ideas such as imbedding links, clips, etc all of which I am still to attempt.

That I’m an all or nothing kinda gal – partly known to most anyway! – that I wanted to blog daily or not at all and when it started to slip I took copious notes, jotted ideas, drank in daily situations or moments of inspiration, mini-ephiphanies – yet seemed to face the ultimate block in committing fully to my drafts. A busy working life may suffice as an excuse – but remember we are not here to hear any of my excuses. And I want nor do I deserve any special leniency! I have discovered a great deal in this labyrinth of exploration and know my limits more – twice a month with the odd dabble between lies somewhere near my blogging capacity as enquired after in another daily post. I identify my ‘flavours’ far more intensely when selecting new material to follow, yet remain open to persuasion and recommendation. The flurry of likes and followers and encouraging comments within my only real week of commitment excited and amazed me as it suddenly dawned on this relative novice that I had never sought others enough who would then seek out myself. Like a voice or a face unintroduced at a busy party it was down to me to take the initiative at last.


I have broken down barriers, slipped my foot off the parapet , no longer ‘alone and lonely loitering’ (Keates) but in through the door of a fascinating and totally rewarding world.

Having written for years but rarely published it has come at a perfect time for me in my personal world to finally release some of my ‘weavings’ onto a (hopefully) waiting world and despite my haphazard, infrequent missives I hope those of my followers who possess patience feel well rewarded enough when I do let the wells surge forth…..

I could even be sneaky now and class this as a longread for some – insidiously entering the realm of writing201 (!) but I will admit to a certain red leather bound notebook that is haunting me with its wisps of ideas and ethereal thoughts on most of November’s prompts for both photo101 and blogging101.


here is an open question to anyone inclined to read and anyone kind enough to indulge me by a forthright answer:

Would it be classed as cheeky to use my gatherings across this late British  ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ – to reap what I have personally sown, – to pick out the best bits of my Leftover Sandwiches – and publish them anyway despite both challenges closed?

Who knows there may just be some caviar hiding amongst the limpest of lettuces…….:-)

Comments cordially invited!

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