Return Address: Our Princess Responds #blogging101

wpid-img_11207315154888.jpegHey thanks for telling me all those things – but you are right! I already knew!
Its pretty clear in the way you are with me – the calm you spread to me – the zone we occupy when I get to be with you at last.
Its pretty cool that you have so many books – I know as I get older that will be a one stop shop – cannot wait to begin!
Its pretty evident you care – I feel lucky so far to have been chosen by this clan – if I need you I feel you will be there.

Please look after mummy though. I adore her and she is pretty lost at the moment.
I know you have worried about her all her life and she is so so beautiful, and soft and kind that I cannot imagine why she should be so sad.
Its a different slant of Sadness and I do not want to feel her Despair.

Do you think as a team we can bring some real joy back into her life?
Please let’s try.

That’s all really.

I am here to love and be loved.

Here we stand – the 3 ages of woman – child, mother, and grandmother.
Alike yet necessarily individual.
Blood not Water
Irrevocably entwined forever……


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