The Seanachai ~ Travelling Tale Teller ~ Whats In a Name?

‘Nameless, faceless, many’

The world of blogging? Choosing your name to aptly express who you are definitely pays dividends.

Sadly mine is often misunderstood yet the shanakee in Ireland is well know for his storytelling prowess – if dubious in his wandering!

I always feel blogging is akin to endless wandering – travelling with intent yet aimlessly stopping off in the blogisphere here and there at will  in our ethereal journey to appreciate,comment,advise or simply enjoy the produce of others.

For me names are the ‘hook’ that lure me in and once I’m caught by a well considered turn of phrase, a crafted line or two or a witty rendering that surpasses others – I’m all yours!!

Please peruse my About section for more tag names I allocate my persona here and also take time to follow this link to my original Seanachai page where the role of its namesake is explored and previous personal musings can be found.

¿Cómo te llamas?

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