The Spice Of Success #blogging101

Years ago one of my first ever ‘grown up’ jobs was in a spice factory!

Having recently returned from travelling around Europe and feeling this a temporary option until I succumbed again to my insatiable wanderlust  – I was destined to remain trapped there for 18 months! – I consoled myself with a half decent weekly pay packet and a mad social life with others of a similar age – 19!! More like a festering hot pot of lust, despair and endless, pointless banter at least it still makes me smile to this day when I recall our antics amongst those equally endless racks of strong smelling exotic spices . Nothing more erotic than some harmless flirting and giggly gossip compounded with the weeks end of club night after which no one came in on the Thursday to nurse their hangovers instead choosing weekend overtime! There we were the flotsam and jetsam of the local society biding our time until more promising  pastures loomed! Treating our day jobs we DO want to give up like appendages to our social activities.

So,no, I wouldn’t look back on it as the most successful period of my life especially after my European sojourn from the tender age of 17 – I thought I had already ‘escaped’ !

In essence our intimate group of spice packers were like the spices themselves! Hot and peppery personalities mixed with blander but essentially useful types; a real plethora of society none of whom in my somewhat hazy recall wanted to do much more than get their personal 8 – 4 shift done and dusted and head home until the daily Groundhog bellowed once more.
And so we trudged along – intermittent ‘dramas’ punctuating our little lives such as the skinniest yet fastest and most heaviest lifting picker gloriously giving birth amongst the racking without a hint of foreshadowing!! Nothing else really topped that mind boggling event but it gave us fodder for months to come…

Inside I was bloody screaming !!

I often wonder at those times, that era, those little lives now – some of which I feel sure have already been sadly rounded with a sleep….the factory still lives on – are some of them still insanely incarcerated within ? Did any get released to live their dreams? To actually live their lives for god sake!
Sadly, some never even touched on my perspective, willing, others often even eager, to toil mercilessly on ad infinitum….
I questioned their ‘caged’  minds as they questioned my ‘free spirit’

I was one of the lucky ones! Self fortuitous because as the internal screaming intensified survival instinct cut in and like a hastily picked, dropped and broken spice jar that lay with its contents strewn across the picking aisles for all to see, my panic and bile at this Is This All There Is??? existence spew forth one day mid staff meeting. My sorry arse was never seen gracing that clocking in machine again!

But I’ve never forgotten, you know?
Even if that is a self deterrent to repeat such folly in life – I am well aware that the idealistic nineteen year old me laid the base there – like the intangible mix of well chosen spices that add flavour and punch to a dish of delight I have lived my life since deliberately mixing things up.
If anything that early ‘mis’ choice, that wrong turning, laid a pure foundation for me of what I oh so didn’t want in my future.

Turmeric. That’s me .
Strong. Bright. Flavoursome. Pungent. Not to everybody’s taste I won’t deny.
But undeniably present.
Hopefully unforgotten….

And while I may garner no gold watch in this rather bohemian transient life I have led and continue to persue- few accolades are richer – are sweeter- than the delicious smell of my ultimate Success.

Escaping their   Eternal RatRace…..


William Kean Seymour —

‘In a cool solitude of trees

Where leaves and birds a music spin,

Mind that was weary is at ease,

New rhythms in the soul begin.’imageWALKING through this beautiful weave of old trees i stood long and admired ….

‘I gazed–and gazed–but little thought 

What wealth the show to me had brought: 

For oft, when on my couch I lie 
In vacant or in pensive mood, 
They flash upon that inward eye 

Which is the bliss of solitude;  ‘

William Wordsworth ❤


…And at the close of my tranquil wandering I come across the Ultimate Sense of Solitude….. ❤


So Beautiful! ~ ~ And Literate For One Day!

IMG_69078120553863OH How I have longed to converse with you over the past year.

I know you know it all – those deep blue eyes hold so many untold secrets – as yet, concealed.

You watch us all intently but reveal nothing! While we?  We witter on unnecessarily , we banter, beg, cajole and smile. Pull ridiculous faces and sing daft or soothing songs to try to pacify or entertain. To let you know.

But you already know don’t you?

You dare already holding court and you have already combined the art of gaining what you need or want with a pout, a cry but moreover, a winning smile. And such a smile. And such beguiling eyes!

You know I feel for you a thousand heartbeats in one, and in each day that passes with you a million memories infiltrate my weary mind and bring me transient, wistful, longed for Hope.

Especially Now.

And our bond, your Future, those simple steps you took the very week his Soul left seemed to surge through all our Souls respectively. You are my legacy, his legacy, her legacy and you know that all of these wonderous joyous moments with you are like drops of healing salve, like messages from the Angels who sent you.

So anyway,gorgeous, now is your chance today to turn hard won babble into lucid tones – so let us all know how you feel about this crazy world so far that our equally crazy family have deposited you in ! 🙂

The years ahead shine brightly Princess ❤

Quote By Heart #blogging101

This quote of part of Blake’s poem has haunted me for years – not least because the first time I ever heard it it resonated with overtures of my own psyche – back then anyway….

I still love it and often share it ….any responses welcome…

Oh Rose thou art sick

The invisible worm flies through the night in the howling storm

Seeks out thy heart in its crimson joy

And with his dark secret Love does thy Life destroy ….

The dark secretive images suggest inner destruction …also reminiscent of a damaging, soul destroying, past relationship I once invited into my misguided head back then.

It may seem unhealthy to look back but I feel far lighter of heart when I recognise how far I have finally come….

The Seanachai ~ Travelling Tale Teller ~ Whats In a Name?

‘Nameless, faceless, many’

The world of blogging? Choosing your name to aptly express who you are definitely pays dividends.

Sadly mine is often misunderstood yet the shanakee in Ireland is well know for his storytelling prowess – if dubious in his wandering!

I always feel blogging is akin to endless wandering – travelling with intent yet aimlessly stopping off in the blogisphere here and there at will  in our ethereal journey to appreciate,comment,advise or simply enjoy the produce of others.

For me names are the ‘hook’ that lure me in and once I’m caught by a well considered turn of phrase, a crafted line or two or a witty rendering that surpasses others – I’m all yours!!

Please peruse my About section for more tag names I allocate my persona here and also take time to follow this link to my original Seanachai page where the role of its namesake is explored and previous personal musings can be found.

¿Cómo te llamas?

My Life Encapsulated (circa the noughties!) 2214:You discover my dusty old hard drive in an antique shop – Buyer Beware!

Ebb & Flow of Time

Ebb & Flow of Time

Dear Stranger/purveyor and purchaser of useless artefacts

Please sort the wheat from the chaff but do not neglect to salvage any hidden jewel you may haplessly discover in Aladdin’s outdated cave! While I won’t explore your reasons in what is surely now an even more multi- techno infested era for requiring the hard drives of the hard lives of the old days – I nonetheless urge you to enjoy your treasure….

Amongst the plethora of incessant ramblings,half abandoned novels, layers of dark poetry and frissons of humourous riddles, I do hope you take time to delve deeper still – wherein you may discover …A Life.

A life truly lived.

Raucous parties with friends and salacious siblings

Joyful events of half forgotten days that lie dormant in my memory just as they have in this dusty domain all these years

Gleaming freshfaced cherubs whose images change month by month, year by year recorded for posterity when memory would oft suffice better , the angst of adolescence cringingly portrayed and mercilessly captured – until the groomed and final product – adults! –  emerge – or perhaps the latter is on my updated hard drive.

I hope you can allocate some time to this life half remembered – I rarely did.

And now I know I sit in deep regret of that.

But as I write on this date in 2014 and tuck this pointless missive into the box with the now defunct hard drive – its shiny new, all singing, all dancing counterpart placed mockingly in its old residence – I hope you will tread softly.

For you tread back through the remnants of my Past – the deep dark undergrowth of abandoned thoughts,people,lives and places that in their moment were real, alive, tangible to me…. And should you choose to delete, edit, repair please spare the reaper to some extent.

Had I but known the tools myself to Photoshop, edit and adapt a life at the correct given points perhaps the heartaches and hurt could have been avoided. Yet the healing and lessons learned along that pathway truly enhanced who I  – and they- became.

Our lives are truly in your hands…

Oh and although I will be long deleted from this life I carved out 200 years from now do seek me out in some isolated burial ground and drop by – perhaps I can even be the historical research for your own new creative pennings –  the incomparable Past of my Now will certainly conflict with the hard drive of your present!

If only we had the foresight to apply hindsight to the present….