Unfurled Soul 29/12/2006

                  The Soul unfurls upon the open




The Past explodes in Silent Rage

Tearing                                    Smashing

Pulling                                      Crashing

Ripping                                    Demolishing

       Me                                                      My

        Apart                                                  Heart


My Life unfurls like an open book

Forced to spectate, I take a look

What will I find

                           Must I see

What others maybe saw in me…



Who I am that cannot take

A moment here, in Time, to wake

To breathe

To live

To touch this Earth



I am the spawn of my own Birth.

Spew me forth

Entrails exposed

Seeking what, noone knows.

I am a Thing, born of Her blood

Who never I knew

                          Now perhaps I should

Destroy my Soul

Demolish my Whole

                        Being again

                     is what we seek

And ye shall find

                       that which ye crave

But the journey is long

                  T’wixt Cradle to Grave…



To Return from whence I came

So I may sojourn

At Last

In Peace

Within My Soul.

My Self, My Being, Finally, Whole.


So rip from me, page by sodden page

Extract from me, this Silent Painful Rage

Drops of the Past stain the story below

The Blood of those who feel that I should


What must I know?

Claim back my Right

To Breathe

To Live again

Eradicate the burning, relentless, Endless Pain.


How could they know

Just what they did to me

Or how it feels simply




I think I know

The ball must move, and then,

I can slowly build

Become my



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